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CALL METHOD - static_meth

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... meth 
  | oref->meth
  | class=>meth
  | super->meth ... .


1. ... meth ... .

2. ... oref->meth ... .

3. ... class=>meth ... .


These names are used for the to specify methods statically, where meth is a valid name for the method in the current context. A special case of specifying methods statically is when they are specified after the pseudo reference super in methods of subclasses.


The name of a method can be the name of the method declared in METHODS, a name composed using the interface component selector, or an alias name.

Alternative 1

... meth ... .


Can be specified in method implementations for any method meth of the same class. In instance methods, meth is a short form of me->meth, where me is the self reference.

Alternative 2

... oref->meth ... .


Can be specified in processing blocks in which a method meth is visible, where oref is an object reference variable for an object that contains the method as a component.

Alternative 3

... class=>meth ... .


Can be specified in processing blocks in which a static method meth is visible, where class is a class containing the method as a static component.