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The CLASS-POOL statement introduces a class pool. It must be the first statement of a standalone program, after any include programs have been called. The MESSAGE-ID addition of the CLASS-POOL statement has the same meaning as for the REPORT statement.

Class pools are edited in Class Builder in ABAP Workbench. A framework program for a global class, and associated include programs, are generated automatically. The statement CLASS-POOL is created in the framework program.

The full name of the framework program of a class pool in the repository starts with the name of the global class, is padded with the character "=" up to and including position 30, and ends with "CP".

The names of the include programs of a class pool included by the framework program are constructed in exactly the same way as the name of the class pool itself, however they have different endings. Unlike the case with function groups, the actual structure of a class pool constructed from include programs is the internal responsibility of ABAP Workbench and the ABAP runtime environment and is not displayed in Class Builder.


The statements permitted in a class pool are listed under Statements in Class Pools and Interface Pools.


The name of the framework program of the class pool of the global class CL_ABAP_BROWSER is CL_ABAP_BROWSER===============CP.