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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




In the variable text, leading and closing blanks are completely removed and any other directly consecutive blanks are all replaced by exactly one space character or - if NO-GAPS is specified - are also removed completely.

The data object text must be character-type. If the data object has a fixed length, any space created by the condense operation is filled with blanks on the right. If the data object is of the type string, its length is adapted to the result of the condense operation.


You can also condense a character string in an operand position using a condensation function which covers the functionality of the CONDENSE statement.


The flat structure sentence contains only character-type components and can therefore be assigned to the string text. After the execution of the CONDENSE statement, text contains "She feeds you tea and oranges". Before the condense operation, the words in text are 30 characters apart from one another.

DATA: BEGIN OF sentence, 
        word1 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'She', 
        word2 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'feeds', 
        word3 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'you', 
        word4 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'tea', 
        word5 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'and', 
        word6 TYPE c LENGTH 30 VALUE 'oranges', 
      END OF sentence, 
      text TYPE string. 

text = sentence.