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LOOP AT itab - result

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... { INTO wa } 
  | { ASSIGNING <fs> [CASTING] }
  | { REFERENCE INTO dref }


There are four alternatives for output behavior:

  • With the INTO addition, you assign the content of the current row to a wa work area.
  • With the ASSIGNING addition, you assign the current row to a field symbol <fs>; within the loop, you are not allowed to assign a different memory area to the field symbol or cancel the assignment with UNASSIGN.
  • With the REFERENCE INTO addition, you set a reference to the current row in a reference variable. Within the loop, you are not allowed to assign another reference to the reference variable, and you are not allowed to initialize the reference variable with CLEAR.
  • With the TRANSPORTING NO FIELDS addition, you only maintain the corresponding system fields. This addition is only possible if the WHERE addition is used simultaneously in the cond conditions.

With the exception that no further transport_options can be specified after INTO wa, the syntax and meaning of the specification of the output behavior are the same as in the READ TABLE statement. The same restrictions apply regarding the modification of key fields of the primary and secondary table keys.


Aside from classes, there is one other obsolete short form for LOOP for which you can omit the INTO wa specification if the internal table has an itab header line of the same name. The statement is supplemented with INTO itab.

  • If the current row is deleted within the loop during the use of additions ASSIGNING or REFERENCE INTO, the field symbol or reference variable is then not assigned in the current loop pass or remains unbound.