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MODIFY itab - Short Reference


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


MODIFY { { { {TABLE itab}|{itab INDEX idx} 
             [USING KEY key_name|(name)] }
         | { itab [USING KEY loop_key] }
           FROM wa
           [TRANSPORTING comp1 comp2 ...]
           [{ASSIGNING <fs> [CASTING]}|{REFERENCE INTO dref}] }
       | {itab FROM wa [USING KEY key_name|(name)]
                       TRANSPORTING comp1 comp2 ...
                       WHERE log_exp|(cond_syntax)} }.


Changes rows in internal tables.


  • TABLE itab
    Specifies a row to be changed by matching it with the key values of the wa work area.
  • itab INDEX idx
    Specifies a row to be changed by specifying a row number (idx) of a table index.
  • itab [USING KEY loop_key]
    Defines the row in a loop to be changed using the current row.
  • FROM wa
    Specifies the new content in a wa work area.
  • TRANSPORTING comp1 comp2 ...
    Specifies the components to be changed (comp1, comp2, and so on).
    Assigns a single changed row to a field symbol <fs>; casting can be executed.
    Assigns the reference for a single changed row to a reference variable dref.
  • WHERE log_exp|(cond_syntax)
    Specifies the rows to be changed by specifying a static condition (log_exp) or a dynamic condition in cond_syntax.
  • USING KEY key_name|(name)
    Statically or dynamically specifies a (secondary) table key that is to be used to search for the rows to be changed.