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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


NEW-PAGE [page_options] [spool_options]. 


This statement allows you to create a new page in the current list and to write the subsequent list output into a print list. The additions page_options determine general properties of the new page. The additions spool_options control the print list output.

The statement NEW-PAGE completes the current page. If on the current page an output was made with WRITE or ULINE, then a new page is created and the value in sy-pagno is increased by 1. Between the individual pages a blank line is inserted. The list cursor is set to the first position of the first line under the standard page header of the new page.

The new page is created independent of the current list cursor position underneath the last line of the current page in which an output occurred.


  • With the NEW-PAGE statement, you cannot create empty pages.
  • The list event END-OF-PAGE is not triggered. The event TOP-OF-PAGE is triggered before the first output on the new page.


NEW-PAGE - page_options

NEW-PAGE - spool_options