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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




This statement exits the CATCH handling of a resumable exception and resumes processing after the statement that raised the exception. This statement can only be executed in a CATCH block of a TRY control structure for which the BEFORE UNWIND addition is declared. When exception handling is exited using RESUME, the context of the exception is not deleted and any CLEANUP blocks are not executed.

The following are prerequisites for resuming processing:

  • The exception was raised as a resumable exception using the RESUMABLE addition of the RAISE EXCEPTION statement.
  • The exception was declared with the RESUMABLE addition for RAISING in the interface of all procedures from which it was propagated (if it is not an exception derived from CX_NO_CHECK).

If these points do not apply, an exception of the class CX_SY_ILLEGAL_HANDLER is raised. To check whether the prerequisites are met, the instance attribute IS_RESUMABLE with type abap_bool of the current exception object can be checked. The value of the attribute is set using the addition INTO when the statements CATCH and CLEANUP are executed and when an exception object is reused using the statement RAISE.


  • If the resumable exception was not raised by the variant RAISE RESUMABLE EXCEPTION oref, the handler can send information to the raiser of the event by assigning values to appropriate attributes of the exception object.
  • Resuming processing after an exception is particularly useful if the exception was raised when a special method was called, such as a constructor or a functional method in an operand position.
  • If a CATCH block is not exited using RESUME when handling a resumable exception, the program does not continue in the context of the statement that raised the exception (as described in System Response After a Class-Based Exception). This context is deleted when the CATCH block is exited, at the latest.


Catchable Exceptions


  • Cause: Exception cannot be resumed. The ID of the exception text is NOT_RESUMABLE