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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




During PBO processing, this statement turns the following standard menu entries in the GUI status of the screen either on with the ON addition, or off with the OFF addition:

  • System → User specifications → Hold data
    This function saves the entries made by the user in the input fields of the screen for the duration of the current terminal session. For every new display of the screen layout, these values are placed in the corresponding input fields as default values, whereby the values transported from the ABAP program are overwritten.
  • System → User specifications → Set data
    This function works like the 'Hold data' function except that here, the corresponding input fields are no longer ready for input for all subsequent calls of the screen.
  • System → User specifications → Delete data
    This function deletes all saved data and makes the input fields that were locked with 'Set data' ready for input again for all subsequent calls of the screen.

At the beginning of every PBO processing, the setting made in the static characteristics of the screen under Hold data is set so that execution of SET HOLD DATA during PAI processing does not have an effect on the display of the subsequent screen.


The above menu entries can be selected in every GUI status but are only effectual when they are activated in the static characteristics of the screen with Hold data or with the statement SET HOLD DATA.


Screens, Holding Data