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SUBMIT - selscreen_options

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


    [selscreen_parameters] ... .





The addition USING SELECTION-SCREEN specifies the selection screen, VIA SELECTION-SCREEN specifies whether it is displayed. The additions selscreen_parameters provide values for the parameters, selection criteria, and the free selection of the called selection screen.

The values are transferred to the selection screen between the events INITIALIZATION and AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT The following hierarchy applies for transferring values:

  • First, the variant of the addition USING SELECTION-SET is transferred, which sets all parameters and selection criteria to the values of the variant. The values previously set in the called program are overwritten.
  • The values of the table of the addition WITH SELECTION-TABLE are then transferred. All parameters and selection criteria specified there are overwritten accordingly.
  • Finally, the values of the additions WITH sel value are transferred. All parameters and selection criteria are overwritten accordingly. If the addition WITH sel value is used more than once for the same parameter, this is overwritten with the last specified value. If the addition WITH sel value is used more than once for the same selection criterion, a selection table with the corresponding number of lines is transferred.
  • Providing values for free selections is independent of this hierarchy.


    • The options for parameter transfer enable a selection screen to be viewed as a parameter interface of an executable program. This applies particularly for background selection screen processing and for parameters and selection criteria that are defined without screen elements using the addition NO-DISPLAY
    • When transferring data, note that any adjustments made to the screen format, such as abbreviations or the execution of conversion routines, are not executed for fields for which there are no screen elements on the selection screen. This applies for all parameters and selection criteria defined with NO DISPLAY. It also applies for all lines of a selection table with the exception of the first line.
    • The additions selscreen_parameters only work the first time the called program is executed. If a selection screen is displayed in the called program, the runtime environment calls the program again after it is finished, thereby replacing the values specified in selscreen_parameters with the previous input values.

    Addition 1



    This addition specifies which selection screen is called. dynnr is a data object that must contain the screen number of a selection screen defined in the called program when the SUBMIT statement is called.

    • If the addition USING SELECTION-SCREEN is omitted or the screen number 1000 is entered, the standard selection screen is called. If no standard selection screen is defined in the called program, no selection screen is called.
    • If a screen number that is not 1000 is entered in the addition USING SELECTION-SCREEN, the corresponding independent selection screen is called. If no selection screen with this screen number is defined in the called program, this leads to an untreatable exception.

    Addition 2



    If this addition is specified, the selection screen is displayed on the screen. Otherwise, background selection screen processing takes place. In background selection screen processing, the selection screen events are triggered without the selection screen being displayed.


    SUBMIT - selscreen_parameters

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