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TYPES - TYPE abap_type

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


TYPES { {dtype[(len)] TYPE abap_type [DECIMALS dec]} 
      | {dtype TYPE abap_type [LENGTH len] [DECIMALS dec]} }.


If a predefined data type abap_type is specified, a non-generic elementary data type is defined. For abap_type, you can use all predefined data types, except the internal types b and s.

For the ABAP types c, n, p and x, the length of the data type dtype must be specified by entering directly a number or a numeric constant len within the associated interval limits. For all other ABAP types, the length is determined by the value in the table of predefined ABAP types and no length can be specified in len.

The length len is either specified in parentheses directly after the type name dtype, or after the addition LENGTH. The specified length must be positive.

If the addition DECIMALS is used for the ABAP type p, the number of decimal places must be determined. To do this, specify directly a number or a numerical constant dec within the interval limits from the table of value areas in predefined numerical types. For the decimal separator to be taken into account in operations involving packed numbers, the program attribute fixed point arithmetic must be set. Otherwise, the addition DECIMALS only affects the output on screens and the format for the statement WRITE [TO].


  • You do not need to list all additions in obsolete variants of the above statement. These additions are automatically completed.
  • For reasons of legibility, your are advised to always use the addition LENGTH, and not parentheses, to specify the length len.


These statements create three elementary data types that are local to the program. Values for the unspecified technical properties of the predefined types c and p are specified.

TYPES: text10 TYPE c LENGTH 10, 
       text20 TYPE c LENGTH 20, 
       result TYPE p LENGTH 8 DECIMALS 2.