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Messages in background processing

In background processingall messages with the following exception are handled according to the type specified in the MESSAGEstatement. Only during list processingis a message of type "W" converted into a message of type "E" before the actual processing.

A message is not displayed, but instead is written as follows to the background processing log (Joblog) depending on the message type:

  • Messages of type "S" are written to the log and the program is continued.
  • Messages of type "I" and "W" are written to the log and the program is continued. The user input Enter, which is required to continue the program, is generated automatically.
  • Messages of type "E" and "A" are written to the log. A check is then performed and if applicable, the message is handled with error_message. If this is not the case, the message is also written to the log with message number 564 of the message class 00 and current background processing is interrupted, whereby a message of type "A" executes a database rollback. When the message is processed, background processing is continued.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


For messages of type "A", remember that handling with error_message causes the statement ROLLBACK WORK to be executed implicitly, and hence a database rollback and further side-effects.