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Persistence Service

The persistence service manages objects of persistent classes. Persistent classes are created by mapping, using the Class Builder and based on existing database tables in the ABAP Dictionary. You can save the attributes of these objects persistently in the relevant database table. Administration is carried out using the class generated for every persistent class actor and various interfaces, which were implemented by the persistent class and its class actor. The persistent class and the class actor contain pre-set components and can both be extended.

The class actor is the class-specific part of the Persistence Service. The interfaces of the persistence service, on the other hand, are the same for all persistent classes and are documented in the Class Builder.

The persistent class contains the pre-set methods

  • GET_...
  • SET_...

to read and set its persistent attributes. It implements the:



The class actor is instantiated by its own static constructor. It has a public static attribute

  • AGENT,

used to address it, and the following pre-set methods for the administration of persistent and transient objects of the persistent class:


Handling the managed objects of a number of persistent classes enables the following interfaces, which are implemented in the class actor:


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Persistence Service