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Obsolete Language Elements

The language elements described in this subnode are obsolete and are still available only for reasons of compatibility with older releases. You may still come across these statements in older programs but you should not use them in new programs.

Most of the obsolete language elements listed here are forbidden in the syntax of classes or in Unicode programs. As a result, they can now only be used outside of classes or in non-Unicode programs. There are replacement constructions for all obsolete language elements, which improve the efficiency and readability of programs.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Obsolete Syntax

Obsolete modularization

Obsolete Declarations

Obsolete Type Reference

Obsolete Object Creation

Obsolete Calls

Obsolete Leave

Obsolete Program Flow

Obsolete Assignments

Obsolete Calculation Statements

Obsolete character string and byte string processing

Obsolete Internal Table Processing

Obsolete Extracts

Obsolete User Dialogs

Obsolete Processing of External Data

Obsolete Text Environment

Obsolete Program Editing

Obsolete data and communication interfaces