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Application Server ABAP

Abbreviation AS ABAP. Part of the Application Server in SAP NetWeaver for programming applications in ABAP and, consequently, the successor of the SAP Basis. The Application Server ABAP provides the ABAP runtime environment. It can be described as a client server system made up of at least three layers of software. These three software layers are presentation layer, application layer and database layer. Apart from these, it contains communication components such as Internet Communication Manager (ICM) and RFC interface. AS ABAP guarantees the independence of the ABAP application programs of hardware, operating system and database. ABAP programs can be executed only in an AS ABAP. An AS ABAP has its own user management, which is based on a user master record. A standalone AS ABAP without application components is the smallest possible ABAP-based SAP system.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54