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Database LUWs

For each open database connection that can be represented by an instance of class CL_SQL_CONNECTION, only one database LUW can be active at any one time. When a connection is opened, the first database LUW of the connection is opened implicitly.

Class CL_SQL_CONNECTION contains instance methods


These end the current database LUW of a connection by means of a database commit or a database rollback and open a new database LUW.

The database LUWs of different connections are independent of one another and must be ended individually. When the work process is switched, with the resulting implicit database commit, this is executed on all open connections. The database commit on the default connection takes place last of all.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


To execute a database commit or a database rollback on the default connection using ADBC, an instance of class CL_SQL_CONNECTION must be created for this connection using CREATE OBJECT.