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Writer Positions

In a writer position, the content of the operand is changed when the statement is executed. Only modifiable data objects (that is, no literals, text symbols, constants, or non-modifiable formal parameters) can be specified as follows in writer positions:

  • A visible data object specified at this place using a name dobj, a field symbol <fs>, or a dereferenced data reference dref->* (if dref is typed in full). Similar to reader positions, [] can be appended for internal tables, to address the table body.
  • A subarea of a flat character-like or byte-like data object specified, using an offset/length. An offset or length cannot be specified in writer positions for data objects of the deep data types string and xstring.

Writer-only positions, where an operand is overwritten without being read, and writer positions where an operand is read and written are both available.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54