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Inserting subscreens directly

You can use the CALL SUBSCREEN statement to insert other screens directly into the screen of a dynpro in the form of subscreens. Subscreen areas have to be defined in the current dynpro screen. Every subscreen area has a unique name and can be set to support changes in screen size. If the latter is defined, each size change in the current window triggers the PAI event.

Subscreens are the screens of special subscreen dynpros. When you insert a subscreen, the flow logic of the embedded screen is also embedded in the flow logic of the main screen. Subscreens can also insert other subscreens. Subscreens cannot have their own OK field. Instead, user action on subscreens sets the function codes in the OK field of the dynpro to be inserted. In the PAI event block of a subscreen, a MODULE statement is never executed with the AT EXIT-COMMAND addition.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Subscreens are defined like normal dynpros in the Screen Painter and are marked as such there. Selection screens can also be defined as subscreens.


Refer to Dynpros, Subscreens.