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Event Blocks

Event blocks are used to handle events in the ABAP runtime environment. They are introduced by an event key word and finished by the next processing block. Since there is no closing statement, we recommend that you flag the end of an event block with a comment line.

Within an event block, no local data types or data objects can be declared. All declarative statements in event blocks belong to the ABAP program, and are visible in all subsequent processing blocks. An event block works with the global data types and data objects of the framework program, and therefore should not contain any of its own declarations. Exception: The event blocks AT SELECTION-SCREEN ... and GET ... are implemented internally as procedures and can contain local data).

For reasons of data encapsulation, it is advisable to only implement a few functions in event blocks, and to call methods instead.

The following events exist:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Programming Guideline

No implementations in dialog modules and event blocks


  • When the execution of each event block is completed, the statement NEW-LINE is executed.

  • With the exception of AT SELECTION-SCREEN ... and GET ... event blocks can be listed multiple times in a program. Event block START-OF-SELECTION can also be implicitly listed multiple times. Whenever an event occurs, all associated event blocks are executed in the order of their occurrence. Where event blocks are implicitly listed multiple times, the extended program check posts a warning.


program constructor

Reporting Events

Selection Screen and List Events