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Logical Databases

A logical database is a special development object that is edited in Logical Database Builder and which provides other ABAP programs with data from the nodes of a hierarchial tree structure. A logical database has

  • a hierarchial structure,
  • a database program written in ABAP and
  • its own default selection screen.

When you create an executable program, you can assign the program to a logical database by using the Logical Database attribute. This allows you to combine the program selection screen and the program flow with the selection screen and flow of the logical database.

Logical databases should no longer be used as they are based on cross-program usage of global data, implicit subprogram calls and reporting event control, which means that they do not comply with modern concepts.

The function module LDB_PROCESS can be used to access existing logical databases. This function module can be called from a method. You should not create new logical databases. Instead a relevant service should be made available using a global class.

The following statements are directly related to logical databases. If you no longer use logical databases, then you no longer require these statements.

For more detailed information on logical databases, see Logical Databases.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


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