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log_exp - Short Reference


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... { {operand1 {=|EQ|<>|NE|>|GT|<|LT|>=|GE|<=|LE 
                |O|Z|M} operand2 }
    | {operand  [NOT] BETWEEN operand1 AND operand2}
    | {<fs>     IS [NOT] ASSIGNED}
    | {ref      IS [NOT] BOUND}
    | {operand  IS [NOT] INITIAL}
    | {para     IS [NOT] REQUESTED}
    | {para     IS [NOT] SUPPLIED}
    | {[operand [NOT] IN] seltab} } ... .


Logical expression for formulating a condition for operands. As operands you can use data objects, predefined functions, functional methods and calculation expressions. Logical expressions can be bracketed explicitly with ( ), linked with AND, OR and EQUIV, and negated with NOT. A logical expression can appear in certain statements such as control statements.