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log_exp - Relational Operators

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... operand1 operator operand2 ... 


In logical expressions with relational operators, two operands are linked to a relational expression with a relational operator. The logical expression compares the content of an operand operand1 according to operator operator with the content of an operand operand2.

For operand1 and operand2 you can specify:

When specifying a predefined function or a functional method, its return value is expected as an operand. When specifying an expression, its result is expected. A single operand can be compared to all single operands listed in the comparison rules for single operands. An expression can be compared to all single operands or comparisons listed in the comparison rules for expressions.

Depending on the operands that are compared to each other, four groups of relational operators can be distinguished:


You can only ever compare two operands with each other within a bracketing level.


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