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log_exp - Comparing Calculation Expressions

All calculation expressions can be specified as operands for logical comparisons.

The table below lists all combinations that are possible for calculation expressions in logical comparisons:

One page Comparison Operator Other page
Single operand with numeric data type orarithmetical expression =, EQ,<>, NE, <, LT, >, GT, <=, LE, >=, GE Arithmetical expression
Single operand with any elementary data type orstring expression =, EQ,<>, NE, <, LT, >, GT, <=,LE, >=, GE,CO, CN,CA, NA, CS, NS, CP, NP String expression
Single operand with byte-type data type orbit expression =, EQ,<>, NE, <, LT, >, GT, <=,LE, >=, GE,BYTE-CO, BYTE-CN,BYTE-CA, BYTE-NA, BYTE-CS,BYTE-NS, O, Z, M Bit expression

The comparison type is determined differently depending on the type of calculation expression.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Logical expressions cannot yet be compared. Instead, they can be combined using Boolean operators, where the link with the operator EQUIV corresponds to the comparison of the resulting logical values concerning equality.


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