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MOVE EXACT - Internal Tables

When the EXACT addition is used, the checks are carried out row for row:

  • For structured row types, the check for structures is carried out for every row.
  • For tabular row types, the check described here is carried out. If the inner table is a table with elementary row type, additional compatibili compatibility is required.

The table category and the table key are unimportant for the check.

If an exception occurs during an assignment due to an invalid value, or a loss of value, then the target table contains all rows upto that point.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • When two internal tables with elementary row type are directly assigned, they do not have to be compatible, they only have to be assignable under the conditions for EXACT. When two internal tables with elementary row type that occur as inner tables of a different table are assigned, they are treated as structure components and the row types must be compatible.

  • When internal tables are assigned using the EXACT statement, an exception can only occur during the direct assignment of two internal tables with elementary row types.