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Print Dialog Box

The print dialog box makes it possible to interactively determine all print parameters and checks the input values for consistency and completeness. The call is either automatic or controlled by the program.

  • The print dialog box appears automatically if a user chooses Execute and Print on the selection screen and also when printing screen lists. In these cases, the print dialog box cannot be suppressed.
  • The GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS function module can be used to call the print dialog box in a program.

When the print dialog box is called automatically, the SET_PRINT_PARAMETERS function module can be used to set standard values. The SET_PRINT_PARAMETERS function module mainly has the same input parameters as the GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS function module (see Overview of All Print Parameters) and no export parameters. There is also an additional input parameter called FOOT_LINE that is used when printing a screen list to define that a footer is to be printed and that is only taken into account there.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • Displaying the print dialog box using GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS is the recommended method for program controlled printing and thereby decouples the dialog from the statements NEW-PAGE PRINT ON and SUBMIT TO SAP SPOOL. It is still possible to call the print dialog box with the latter, however, the functions Back or Cancel cannot be processed properly.

  • The default values for the print dialog box must be set before sending the selection screen or list to the screen when the print dialog box is called automatically. It is recommended that SET_PRINT_PARAMETERS only be used at the INITIALIZATION event of an executable program.

  • Using SET_PRINT_PARAMETERS only allows those print parameters to be set that are stored in components of the PRI_PARAMS structure.