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Printing Screen Lists

As well as creating print lists, you can also send screen lists to the SAP spool system. To do this, use the Print function in the list display. This function converts the screen list into a print list, where the print format specified in the print parameters is used to split the list and shorten it if necessary. However, this usually results in the following problems:

  • A list that has been formatted as a screen list is not appropriate for a print output, because:
  • A screen list ususally consists of one logical page. This logical page must be divided into multiple physical print pages for the printing process. Since the screen list contains only one page header, this page herader is used as the page header of every print page. If it contains page numbering, then every print page has the same page number (usually 1).
  • Screen lists are usually very wide (> 130 columns). A normal printer can print these lists only by truncating the lines.
  • A screen list does not support any special print control sequences as they appear, for example, in the statement PRINT-CONTROL.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


For the reasons mentioned you should not use this type of printing for productive purposes. It is designed only as a way of capturing a screen for testing purposes.