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Selection Screens - Overview

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Selection Screens as Dynpros

Selection screens are special dynpros that can be defined in executable programs, function groups and module pools. Selection screens are defined in the global declaration section of the mentioned ABAP programs with the statements SELECT-OPTIONS, SELECTION-SCREEN and PARAMETERS without using the Screen Painter. The screens of selection screens can contain a subset of the screen elements of general dynpros.

Selection screens lie in the same namespace as the dynpros of the program. Additionally, dynpro number 1000 is reserved for a standard selection screen. Apart from the standard selection screen, standalone selection screens can also be defined. Standalone selection screens can only be defined in function groups and module pools.

When an ABAP program is activated, the components of the program selection screen, i.e., screens with screen elements and dynpro flow logic, are automatically generated.


The generated dynpros cannot be edited directly, which also means that certain predefined settings cannot be disabled. For example, input fields are always templates in which certain characters ("!", "=", "_") have special functions.

Selection Screen Tasks

Selection screens essentially have two tasks:

  • They enable users to input parameters (single values) and selection criteria (interval selections in tabular form).
  • they represent the executable interface programs, whose input fields can be supplied by the calling program with SUBMIT.

GUI Status of Selection Screens

The GUI status of a selection screen is generated automatically during the generation of a program. A statement SET PF-STATUS at the selection screen PBO does not affect this GUI status. To define a separate GUI status for a selection screen or to deactivate the functions of the screen generated, one of the function modules RS_SET_SELSCREEN_STATUS or RS_EXTERNAL_SELSCREEN_STATUS can be used (in exceptional cases). The title in the title bar of the standard selection screens cannot be changed, and is always the title of the executable program as defined in the program properties. Selection Screen Events

Selection Screen Events

No dialog modules for selection screens can be defined in the ABAP program. Instead, the runtime environment triggers specific events during PBO and PAI processing of the dynpro, which can be handled in corresponding event blocks during selection screen processing.

Selection Screens and Logical Databases

A standard selection screen can also be defined in a logical database. If an executable program is associated with a logical database, its standard selection screen is composed of the logical database and its own database.


Selection Screens, Changing the Default GUI Status