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Set Text Environment

This example demonstrates how you set the text environment.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    INSERT: `polo`    INTO TABLE text_tab,
            `pollo`   INTO TABLE text_tab,
            `chunky`  INTO TABLE text_tab,
            `crunchy` INTO TABLE text_tab.
    SORT text_tab AS TEXT.
    write_text_tab( ).
    SORT text_tab AS TEXT.
    write_text_tab( ).


This example shows the effect of the locale of the text environment on sort functions. In Unicode and non-Unicode systems, a "ch" in a Spanish (or even Czech) text environment is taken as a single letter and sorted differently than in an English text environment. The double "ll" in Unicode systems in a Spanish text environment is sorted like two separate letters "l". In non-Unicode systems, there can be spanish locales (such as Spanish_Spain.1252 on Windows NT) that take "ll" as a single character and sort it differently. With the last statement SET LOCALE, the text environment is set again to the logon language.