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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


      | { AFTER INPUT }
      | { ON HELP-REQUEST }
      | { ON VALUE-REQUEST } }.







Keyword PROCESS defines the processing blocks of the dynpro flow logic. The corresponding events are triggered in the following manner by the ABAP runtime environment while processing a screen:

  • At least one PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT statement must exist in the dynpro flow logic. In addition, PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT must not be positioned after the PROCESS AFTER INPUT statement. If PROCESS ON HELP-REQUEST or PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST are specified, PROCESS AFTER INPUT must have been specified before. Other processing blocks besides the four starting with PROCESS are not allowed in the dynpro flow logic.

Alternative 1



The event PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT (PBO) is triggered by the runtime environment before the screen of a dynpro is sent to the presentation layer. After processing the related event block, the contents of the global fields of the ABAP program are transported into screen fields of the same name and then the screen is displayed in the window.

Alternative 2



The event PROCESS AFTER INPUT (PAI) is triggered by a user action on the user interface, which is associated with a function code. At the PAI event or during the processing of the relevant event block, the contents of the screen fields are transported to the data objects with the same names in the corresponding ABAP program. Before executing the relevant event block, automatic input checks are executed, which are defined either in the system or in the ABAP Dictionary. While the event block and the PBO event block of the next dynpro are processed, the screen of the current dynpro remains in the display, but the user interface is inactive. After the PAI processing is finished, the event PBO of the next dynpro is triggered or, if the current dynpro is the last one in its dynpro sequence, the execution returns to the position from which the dynpro sequence was called.


The processing of the event blocks for PAI of the current and PBO of the next screen together form a dialog step.

Alternative 3


Alternative 4



The events PROCESS ON HELP-REQUEST (POH) and PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST (POV) are triggered by the request for the field help (F1) or the input help (F4) for a screen element of the screen. In the relevant event block, the MODULE statement is executed, which is assiciated with the FIELD statement for the screen field of the selected screen element. If several FIELD statements exist for the same screen field, only the first is executed. The content of the field specified under FIELD is not automatically passed to the called module in the event block at POH or POV. After POH or POV processing is finished, the system returns to processing the screen displayed on the presentation server, without triggering the PBO event.


The specification of the event blocks at POH and POV overrule the field and input helps defined in the system or in the ABAP Dictionary. They must be specified only if the predefined helps are not sufficient.