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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


AT SELECTION-SCREEN selscreen_event. 


This statement defines event blocks for different events selscreen_event that are triggered by the ABAP runtime environment during selection screen processing.

Selection screen events occur immediately before sending a selection screen and after certain user actions on a displayed selection screen. They assist in selection screen processing in the ABAP program.

AT SELECTION-SCREEN is triggered at least twice for actions on selection screens included as a subscreen on another selection screen: First for the included selection screen and then the for selection screen or screens to be included.


The event blocks after AT SELECTION-SCREEN are implemented internally as procedures. Declarative statements in these event blocks create local data.


The program DEMO_SELECTION_SCREEN_EVENTS demonstrates all selection results.


AT SELECTION-SCREEN - selscreen_event