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cnt( )

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Obsolete Syntax

... cnt(field) ....


Data objects with the names cnt(field1) cnt(field2) ... with data type i are generated automatically for fields field1 field2 ... of the field groups of an extract dataset. These fields can be accessed only within a LOOP and are filled with values for sorted extract datasets using the statements AT END OF and AT LAST.

If field1 field2 ... are fields with a non-numeric data type of the field group header and the extract dataset was sorted by field1 field2 ..., then cnt(field1) cnt(field2) ... contain the number of different values that field1 field2 ... have within the control level or the entire dataset.

If fields cnt(field1) cnt(field2) ... are accessed and the extract dataset has not been sorted, this can lead to an exception that cannot be handled.


  • No substring access cnt(len) can be made on a data object called cnt without an offset being specified explicitly. The compiler always interprets an offset specified like this as a field for an extract dataset.
  • A Customizing include may not be specified for field if it is empty.