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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




Declares a tabstrip control. If the type TABSTRIP is specified in the statement CONTROLS, a deep structure is created with the name of the control and the type CXTAB_TABSTRIP of the type group CXTAB. From this structure, only the component ACTIVETAB is required in the program.

In PBO processing, the active tabstrip page is specified by assigning the function code of a tab title to the component ACTIVETAB. The first tabstrip page is active by default. When scrolling in the SAP GUI, the tabstrip control can be initialized in this way. For any scrolling in an ABAP program, the tabstrip page selected by the user must be activated by this assignment. It must also be ensured that the desired subscreen is included in the dynpro flow logic using the statement CALL SUBSCREEN.

In PAI processing, the component ACTIVETAB contains the function code of the active tab title. When scrolling in the SAP GUI, the tabstrip page currently being displayed can be determined in this way.


The same applies to the inclusion of subscreens of tabstrips using CALL SUBSCREEN as for normal subscreens.


If, on a dynpro, a tabstrip control is defined with three untyped tab titles with the function codes "TAB1", "TAB2", and "TAB3" and a subscreen area SUB, the scrolling can be programmed in ABAP as follows. In a PBO module, prepare_tabstrip, the component activetab of the structure tab_strip created using CONTROLS is assigned the function code of the first tab title. After a tab title has been selected, this component is set to the relevant function code in the PAI module handle_user_command. The number of the desired subscreen dynpro is assigned to the data object dynnr that is used for including the subscreen in the dynpro flow logic. The associated programming of the dynpro flow logic can be seen in the example for CALL SUBSCREEN.

DATA: ok_code      TYPE sy-ucomm, 
      dynnr        TYPE sy-dynnr. 
MODULE prepare_tabstrip OUTPUT. 
  IF tab_strip-activetab IS INITIAL OR 
     dynnr IS INITIAL. 
    tab_strip-activetab = 'TAB1'. 
    dynnr = '0110'. 
MODULE handle_user_command INPUT. 
  CASE ok_code. 
    WHEN 'TAB1'. 
      dynnr = '0110'. 
    WHEN 'TAB2'. 
      dynnr = '0120'. 
    WHEN 'TAB3'. 
      dynnr = '0130'. 
  IF ok_code(3) = 'TAB'. 
    tab_strip-activetab = ok_code.