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EXPORT, IMPORT - Short Form of Parameter List

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Obsolete Syntax

EXPORT dobj1 dobj2 ... TO medium [COMPRESSION {ON|OFF}].

IMPORT dobj1 dobj2 ...  FROM medium [conversion_options].


If the short form used in the parameter lists of the EXPORT or IMPORT statements is

dobj1 dobj2 ...

instead of

p1 = dobj1 p2 = dobj2 ...


p1 FROM|TO dobj1 p2 FROM|TO dobj2

the name of the specified data object is implicitly used when the pararameters in the cluster are stored and searched for.

This short form is possible only outside of classes and also only when the name does not address an instance component selector or offset/length declaration, for example.

The short form is error-prone since the current names are used as IDs for the data stored. When clusters are imported in another context, the names of the exporting context must be known and identically declared.


For the dynamic declaration of the parameter list in an internal table ptab, the short form outside of classes is still supported through specification of a one-column table. This is as obsolete as the static short form.