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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




This event keyword defines an event block for initializing an executable program. The associated event is triggered by the ABAP runtime environment during the flow of an executable program, directly after LOAD-OF-PROGRAM and before the selection screen processing of any existing standard selection screen. This enables the input fields of the selection screen to be initialized once-only, including those fields defined in the logical database associated with the program.


When an executable program defines a standard selection screen, it is called again by the ABAP runtime environment after execution, which triggers the INITIALIZATION event again. In this case, initializing parameters or selection criteria of the selection screen has no effect, because they are automatically supplied with the preceding user inputs from the selection screen during the selection screen event AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT. To explicitly initialize the selection screen for each call, the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT must be used.