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SET CURSOR - Short Reference


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


SET CURSOR { { FIELD field [LINE line] 
                     [[DISPLAY|MEMORY] OFFSET off] }
           | { LINE line
                    [[DISPLAY|MEMORY] OFFSET off] }
           | { col lin } }.


Sets the cursor position on screens and lists.


  • FIELD field [LINE line]
    Sets the cursor on the screen element or the field field displayed in a list, where line specifies the number of a line in a table control for a step loop or a list.
  • LINE line
    Sets the cursor on the line of a table control, a step loop, or a list, specified in line.
    Defines the offset off on which the cursor is set in the specified element. In lists, DISPLAY and MEMORY distinguish between the screen position and the position in the list buffer.
  • col lin
    Sets the cursor to the column of the screen specified in col and the line of the screen specified in lin.