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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


SET SCREEN dynnr. 


This statement defines the dynpro with the dynpro number specified in dynnr as the next dynpro to be processed after the current dynpro. dynnr expects a data object of the type n and the length 4. It must contain either the dynpro number of a dynpro in the main program of the current program group or the value 0; otherwise an unhandleable exception is raised. The specified next dynpro overwrites the previously defined next dynpro.

The next dynpro is called automatically when the end of PAI processing is reached for the current dynpro. If the dynpro number of the next dynpro is 0, the current dynpro sequence is ended.


There is always a next dynpro defined while a dynpro is being processed. After a dynpro is called, the next dynpro whose properties are defined statically applies; this next dynpro can be overwritten using the statement SET SCREEN for as long as the current dynpro is being processed.