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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Obsolete Syntax



This statement is obsolete. It is checked for accurate syntax but otherwise ignored by ABAP Compiler.

The statement TYPE-POOLS was required in the past to load the elements of a type group tpool explicitly in the current context. It can be specified for the global data declaration of an ABAP program or in the declaration part of a class or an interface.

Now a type group is loaded automatically when one of its elements is first accessed in a program.


  • After loading a type group, the data types declared there hide data types of the same name in the ABAP Dictionary which are not declared in the type group. Previously the group was loaded explicitly using TYPE-POOLS. Since the TYPE-POOLS statement no longer has any effect, normal data types from the ABAP Dictionary now hide data types of the same name in a type group until the type group is loaded when accessing a non-hidden element. Creating types with the same name in the ABAP Dictionary and in type groups has not been allowed for a long time however. This this situation should therefore not arise anymore.
  • Previously, macros defined in type groups only hid macros with the same names from the TRMAC database table once the type group had been explicitly loaded using the TYPE-POOLS statement. Now macros defined in type groups always hide macros with the same name from the TRMACdatabase. Due to various name conventions however, this situation should not arise.
  • The syntax check no longer checks whether the specified type group tpool actually exists.
  • The statement TYPE-POOLS can still be used to migrate current programs to lower releases. Otherwise it can be deleted.