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Dynpro (sometimes also known as a screen) is an abbreviation for "dynamic program". A dynpro is a repository object and is always a component of an ABAP program. It consists of the screen with its screen elements and the dynpro flow logic. Dynpro fields are assigned to the screen elements.

The flow logic contains processing blocks for events that are triggered before a screen is sent, and after user action on the displayed screen. Dynpros are edited using the Screen Painter tool. Dynpros, together with the new Web-oriented features of SAP NetWeaver, therefore form the basis of user dialogs in an AS ABAP.

For more detailed information on dynpros, see the

SAP NetWeaver documentation in SAP Help Portal.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The classic dynpros described here are considered to be obsolete by SAP for application programs. For new developments, only Web Dynpros should be used.


User Interface

Screen and Screen Elements

Dynpro Fields

Dynpro Flow and Dynpro Sequences

Statements in the Screen Flow Logic

ABAP Statements for Screens