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Messages in Updates

During updates, the behavior of messages depends on the work process.

  • During updates in an update work process (synchronous and asynchronous updates), all messages apart from type "S" terminate the update without creating a runtime error. The update work process performs a database rollback, enters appropriate comments in the associated database tables VB..., and notifies the user whose program generated the entries by SAPmail.
  • During local updates, all messages apart from type "S" and "X" are converted to messages of type "A" and these behave in the same way as in dialog processing, which means they lead to a termination and a database rollback. Messages of type "S" and "X" are also handled in the same way as in dialog processing.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • In exceptional cases, the work process may be connected to a dialog (for example, during debugging). Messages then behave as in local updates.

  • In updates, type "A" messages cannot be caught using the predefined exception error_message in function module calls, since here the statement ROLLBACK WORK is executed implicitly and this is not allowed in updates. This is why the runtime error MESSAGE_ROLLBACK_IN_POSTING is produced when type "A" messages are caught using error_message. Messages of types "I", "W", and "E", on the other, can be caught.