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Storing Messages

You create messages using the message maintenance tool (transaction SE91) and store them in database table T100. The following table shows the structure of database table T100.

Component Meaning
SPRSL Single-character language key.
ARBGB 20-character (maximum) message class. The message class assigns messages to a specific area, such as an application area or a package.
MSGNR Three-digit (maximum) message number. The range between 900 and 999 is reserved for customers.
TEXT Short text with a maximum of 73 characters. You must create an explanatory long text when you maintain the message if the short text itself is not sufficiently explanatory.

You can use placeholders in short and long texts which can be replaced by the content of data objects using the statement MESSAGE and the addition WITH. The placeholders in a short text can have the form "&i" or "&" and the placeholders in a long text can have the form "&Vi&", where i is a digit between 1 and 4. If you need to display the actual character "&", you must enter "&&" in the short text and "&" in the long text.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • For reasons of downward compatibility, the character "$" is handled in the same way as "&" in short texts. The same is true for "$i". "$" should not be used as a placeholder. However, "$$" must be specified if "$" is to be displayed.

  • We recommend that you use only one of the two forms "&i" or "&" as placeholders in a short text. If a short text is to be translated into other languages, only the numbered placeholder "&i" can be used, since the structure of the sentence may change.