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sXML Library

sXML Library provides an API consisting of classes and interfaces for reading (validating parses) and rendering (validating writes) of XML data in different formats and from various sources and to various targets.

Unlike in iXML Library, no XML documents are created in DOM format and no DTDs (Document Type Definitions) are supported. Instead, the nodes in the tree structure represented by the XML data are processed in series and the current node can always be accessed. The node can be accessed using token-based or object-oriented methods. The classes and interfaces are documented in Class Builder.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • If access to all nodes of an XML document in the memory is not required and no DTD is needed, sXML Library is an alternative to iXML Library with better performance. It also supports more XML formats and enables the handling of JSON in ABAP programs.

  • The serial processing of XML data in sXML Library involves the parsing and rendering of each node, front to back, without a preview. This is particularly clear in the parser method SKIP_NODE, which "skips" a node, but still has to parse it and all its subnodes. This characteristic can be exploited to check whether data is well-formed and to test the copying of XML data to a writer.

  • sXML Library supports the UTF character formats of the Unicode character set and hence also the characters from the surrogate area.


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