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ADBC - ABAP Database Connectivity

ADBC is an API for the Native SQL interface of the AS ABAP that is based on ABAP Objects. The ADBC methods can be used to pass Native SQL statements to the database interface. The make it possible to

  • send database-specific SQL commands to a database system and process the result
  • establish and administer database connections.

The ADBC classes all begin with the prefix CL_SQL_ or CX_SQL_ and are documented. The following paragraphs briefly introduce the most important classes.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Programming Guideline

Using Open SQL


  • ADBC can always be used when access to a database using the Native SQL interface instead of the Open SQL interface is necessary.

  • Alongside ADBC, it is also possible to embed Native SQL statically between EXEC SQL and ENDEXEC in ABAP programs. The recommendation, however, is to used ADBC.

  • While the static embedding of Native SQL offers exclusively static access to the Native SQL interface, ADBC makes modern object-oriented and dynamic access possible.

  • New developments and improvements, such as optimized performance using bulk access across internal tables, are now made only for ADBC.
The existing static embedding of Native SQL statements is still supported but should no longer be used in new programs.

Security notes

  • If used wrongly, dynamic programming techniques can present a serious security risk. Any dynamic content that is passed to a program from the outside must be checked thoroughly or escaped before being used in dynamic statements. This can be done using the system class CL_ABAP_DYN_PRG or the predefined function escape.

  • To be sure of stopping SQL injections in ADBC, no parts of an SQL command that is not an operand position can come from outside of the program. Variable parts in operand positions can only be implemented using ? placeholders and the associated SET_PARAM methods, which in ADBC are not just possible in prepared statements, unlike in JDBC.


The program ADBC_DEMO and further programs with the prefix ADBC_DEMO_ demonstrate the methods of ADBC. For examples from the ABAP example library, see ADBC Examples.


CL_SQL_STATEMENT - Execution of SQL Statements


CL_SQL_CONNECTION - Database Connections

CX_SQL_EXCEPTION - Exception Class

Examples of ADBC