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SAP HANA, Database Procedure Proxy

This example demonstrates how a database procedure created in the program is called.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    DATA incprice     TYPE sflight-price.
    DATA price_before TYPE sflight-price.
    DATA price_after  TYPE sflight-price.

    IF cl_db_sys=>is_in_memory_db = abap_false.
        `Example can be executed on SAP HANA Database only` ).

    cl_demo_input=>request( CHANGING field = incprice ).
    IF incprice IS INITIAL.

    SELECT SINGLE price FROM sflight INTO @price_before.

    create_db_procedure( ).

    DATA(params) =
      VALUE if_dbproc_proxy_basic_types=>ty_param_override_t(
        ( db_name   = 'INC'
          abap_name = 'INCREASE'
          descr     = cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_name(
                        'SFLIGHT-PRICE' ) ) ).

        DATA(api) = cl_dbproc_proxy_factory=>get_proxy_public_api(
          if_proxy_name = prox_name ).
        api->delete( ).
        api->create_proxy( EXPORTING
                            if_proc_schema    = '_SYS_BIC'
                             it_param_override = params
                            if_proc_name      = proc_name ).

        CALL DATABASE PROCEDURE (prox_name)
          EXPORTING increase = incprice.

        api->delete( ).
      CATCH cx_dbproc_proxy INTO DATA(api_exc).
        cl_demo_output=>display( api_exc->get_text( ) ).

    SELECT SINGLE price FROM sflight INTO @price_after.
    IF price_after - price_before = incprice.
      cl_demo_output=>display( `Price increased succesfully` ).


ADBC is used in the method create_db_procedure to create the same database procedure as in the example ADBC, Stored Procedure. Here, however, the procedure is called using the statement CALL DATABASE PROCEDURE and not using ADBC.

The database procedure proxy need to do this is created temporarily in the program itself using the associated API.

  • The API is created using the factory method GET_PROXY_PUBLIC_API from the factory class CL_DBPROC_PROXY_FACTORY.
  • The proxy is created using the method CREATE_PROXY of the interface IF_DBPROC_PROXY_PUBLIC_API.
  • Here, the internal table params filled previously is used to define the mapping between the parameter interface and ABAP data types. The parameter names are also modified.

The example AMDP, simple procedure call shows how the procedure can be managed and called as an ABAP Managed Database Procedure.