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ABAP CDS in ABAP Dictionary

The ABAP Core Data Services (ABAP CDS) are the implementation of the general CDS concept for AS ABAP. ABAP CDS makes it possible to define semantic data models on the central database of the application server. On AS ABAP, these models can be defined independently of the database system. The entities of these models provide enhanced access functions when compared with existing database tables and views defined in ABAP Dictionary, making it possible to optimize Open SQL-based applications. This is particularly clear when an AS ABAP uses a SAP HANA database, since its in-memory characteristics can be implemented in an optimum manner.

The data models are defined using the data definition language (DDL) and data control language (DCL) provided in the ABAP CDS in the ABAP CDS syntax. The objects defined using these languages are integrated into ABAP Dictionary and managed here too. The following can be defined:

CDS views are CDS entities defined in the DDL that are also represented by CDS database views in ABAP Dictionary.
CDS authorizations are based on the CDS roles defined in the DCL that perform user-specific authorization checks for CDS entities.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


CDS source code can only be programmed in the Eclipse-based ABAP Development Tools (ADT). The Data Definition Language (DDL) and the Data Control Language (DCL) use different editors. The ADT documentation describes how these editors are used.


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