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count, count_... - Search Functions

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Syntax Forms

  1. ... count( val = text  {sub = substring}|{regex = regex} [case = case]
                 [off = off] [len = len] ) ...

  2. ... count_any_of( val = text  sub = substring
                        [off = off] [len = len] ) ...

  3. ... count_any_not_of( val = text  sub = substring
                            [off = off] [len = len] ) ...


Just like the search functions find and find_..., the search functions count and count_... search text in the entire string text or in a subarea defined using off and len for characters specified in substring or for a match with a regular expression specified in regex. Instead of an offset, they return the number of occurrences.

The return value has the type i.


Catchable Exceptions


  • Cause: Illegal offset or length specification in the off and len.



  • Cause: Substring in sub or regular expression in regex is empty or occurrence in occ is 0.
    Runtime Error: STRG_ILLEGAL_PAR