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Table Types

A table type in ABAP Dictionary defines the data type of an internal table in ABAP. The table type specifies

of an internal table. An internal program object declared with reference to a table type is an internal table of this type.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Unlike in data elements and structures, the meaning of the table types in ABAP Dictionary consists only of creating globally visible definitions of internal tables. Table types replace the definition of internal tables in type groups and can themselves be replaced using the declaration of internal table types in global classes and interfaces, if the context where the type is required is suitable. The attributes of an internal table that can be defined in ABAP Dictionary match in full those that can be specified using the statement TYPES ... TABLE OF in ABAP programs. More information can be found in the in-depth documentation about internal tables in ABAP - Reference.


The table type SPFLI_KEY_TAB describes a hashed table with the structured row type SPFLI with a unique primary key and two non-unique secondary table keys.


Technical Attributes of Table Types

Semantic Attributes of Table Types

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