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Data transport at point of time PAI

If the statement FIELD is used in the event block at point of time PAI, then the statement controls the data transport for the specified dynpro field. By default, all dynpro fields are transported to the ABAP program at the event PAI and before the processing of the corresponding event block. If you use one or multiple FIELD-statements, only such dynpro fields are transported directly at the event PAI, which are not listed after a FIELD-statement.

The transport of the content of a dynpro field dynp_field specified after FIELD to the homonymous global ABAP data object takes place at execution of the corresponding FIELD-statement. If a dynpro field is listed in more than one FIELD-statement, its value is transfered when the first corresponding FIELD-statement is executed. There are the following exceptions:

  • The statement FIELD has no effect for the OK-field. The OK-field is always transported directly at the event PAI.
  • A field, whose content is initial to PBO, and which is not changed by the user, is not transported by the FIELD-statement. If this field in a PAI-module is filled with a value before execution of the FIELD-statement, then the value is not overwritten with the initial value by the FIELD statement.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • The effect of the statement FIELD upon the data transport to the event PAI is independent from the link to a MODULE-statement.

  • A dynpro field must not be used in a PAI-module, before it is transported by the dynpro. Otherwise, the ABAP field contains the same value as at the end of the previous dialog step.

  • When dynpro fields are defined with reference to flat structures in the ABAP Dictionary, the homonymous global data objects of the ABAP-program must be declared with the statement TABLES as interface work area. Otherwise, no data transport takes place, neither with or without FIELD.

  • If a dynpro field is defined with reference to a data element in the ABAP-Dictionary, to which is assigned an obsolete field-exit on a customer system, then the function module of the field-exit can be executed during transport, which in general changes the value of the dynpro field.


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