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External Views for SAP HANA Views

Open SQL provides access to all database tables and views whose structures are defined as repository objects in ABAP Dictionary. An SAP HANA View (Attribute View, Analytic View, Calculation View), on the other hand, is an entity of the SAP HANA database and is defined here using SAP HANA Studio. This uses HANA-specific data types and different naming conventions to ABAP Dictionary also apply. This means that direct access to an SAP HANA view using Open SQL is not possible.

To access an SAP HANA view directly from ABAP programs, views called external views are available in ABAP Dictionary. An external view is a special view in ABAP Dictionary that functions as a proxy for an SAP HANA view and which can be accessed using SAP HANA and Open SQL.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The following restrictions currently apply to the use of external views in ABAP programs:

  • The structure of analytic views do not allow them to be read using SELECT *. The same basic rules apply to the statement SELECT in Open SQL as when using the HANA-SQL statement SELECT, with individual columns and the addition GROUP BY needing to be specified. If SELECT * is used, a runtime error occurs.
  • Calculation views with parameters can be access only if a default value is defined for each parameter. If not, reads are canceled and produce a runtime error.