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Table Filtering, Filter Table

This example demonstrates table filtering using a filter table.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    init( ).

    TYPES: BEGIN OF filter,
             cityfrom TYPE spfli-cityfrom,
             cityto   TYPE spfli-cityto,
           END OF filter,
           filter_tab TYPE HASHED TABLE OF filter
                 WITH UNIQUE KEY cityfrom cityto.

    DATA(filter_tab) = VALUE filter_tab(
        ( cityfrom = cityfrom cityto = cityto )
        ( cityfrom = cityto   cityto = cityfrom ) ).

    SELECT carrid, connid, cityfrom, cityto
          FROM spfli
          ORDER BY carrid, connid, cityfrom, cityto
          INTO TABLE @DATA(spfli_tab).

      FILTER #( spfli_tab IN filter_tab
                  WHERE cityfrom = cityfrom  AND cityto = cityto ) ).


Those rows are filtered out of an internal table spfli_tab filled with flight data that have specific values in the columns cityfrom and cityto. The filter is applied using a filter table of the type filter_tab constructed using VALUE filled with input values. The result is all outbound and return flights for the cities in question.