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JSON - Short Overview

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data exchange format whose syntax generally represents a subset of the JavaScript syntax. JSON data is saved and transported as character strings in a character format.

The syntax of JSON consists of the following components:

  • Syntax characters
  • Curly brackets { } define objects.
  • Square brackets [ ] define arrays.
  • A colon : divides the name and the value of an object component.
  • A comma , divides the components inside arrays and objects.
  • Representation of values
  • Character-like values are specified between double quotation marks " ". The \ character is used as the escape character for syntax characters.
  • Boolean values are represented by the key words true and false.
  • Null values are represented by the key word null.
  • Data structures
  • An array is an ordered list of values, arrays, or objects enclosed in square brackets [ ] and divided by commas ,, which do not need to have the same type. An empty array, [ ], is also possible.
  • An object is an ordered list of components enclosed in curly brackets { } and divided by commas ,. A component is a name enclosed in double quotation marks followed by a colon : followed by a value, array, or object. An empty object, { }, is also possible. Unique names for the components of an object are recommended, but not mandatory.

Empty space (blanks, line breaks) can be used anywhere before and after the syntax characters. At the top level, valid JSON data contains a single value, an array, or an object. Arrays and objects can contain further values, arrays, or objects.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


In JavaScript, JSON data can be transformed to JavaScript objects directly using a predefined function, eval, due to its compatibility. In other programming languages, JSON data is read using parsers, which is also recommended for JavaScript for reasons of performance and security.


  • The program DEMO_JSON_EXAMPLES shows examples of valid JSON data.

  • The program DEMO_JSON_SYNTAX_CHECK enables JSON data to be entered and its syntax checked.