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LOB Interfaces

Open SQL supports access to LOBs using streams and locators. For a similar read access to these streams and locators, there are the interfaces


which both include the superordinate interface


which then also includes the <>IF_ABAP_CLOSE_RESOURCE interface.

The connection to streams and locators is as follows:

  • The system classes CL_ABAP_DB_C_READER and CL_ABAP_DB_C_LOCATOR both implement the IF_ABAP_DB_CLOB_HANDLE interface.
  • The system classes CL_ABAP_DB_X_READER and CL_ABAP_DB_X_LOCATOR both implement the IF_ABAP_DB_BLOB_HANDLE interface.
  • The IF_ABAP_DB_READER interface includes IF_ABAP_DB_LOB_HANDLE.

The instances of the system classes which implement the IF_ABAP_DB_LOB_HANDLE interface are called LOB handles.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The LOB interfaces shown here can only be used for read accesses. Reference variables for LOB handles which are specified as read targets of the INTO clause in the SELECT statement can be typed statically using these interfaces. The class which is used to create the object must then be specified using the special addition CREATING in the SELECT statement. For write accesses with the statements INSERT, UPDATE, or MODIFY, the reference variables which are used as a source must be typed using the classes for write streams or locators.